Kenny Dorham / ケニー・ドーハム

Kenny Dorham / ケニー・ドーハム

ケニー・ドーハム(Kenny Dorham, 1924年8月30日 – 1972年12月5日)はテキサス州フェアフィールド出身のジャズ・トランペット奏者。ビバップを代表するトランペッターの一人。本名:McKinley Howard Dorham 。


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Kenny Dorham / ケニー・ドーハムのアルバム

As leader
1953: Kenny Dorham Quintet (Debut)
1955: Afro-Cuban (Blue Note)
1956: ‘Round About Midnight at the Cafe Bohemia (Blue Note)
1956: And The Jazz Prophets Vol. 1 (ABC-Paramount ABC-122)
1957: Jazz Contrasts (Riverside) featuring Sonny Rollins
1957: 2 Horns / 2 Rhythm (Riverside) featuring Ernie Henry
1958: This Is the Moment! (Riverside)
1959: Blue Spring (Riverside) with Cannonball Adderley
1959: Quiet Kenny (New Jazz)
1960: The Arrival of Kenny Dorham (JARO); reissued as The Kenny Dorham Memorial Album (Xanadu, 1976)
1960: Jazz Contemporary (Time)
1960: Showboat (Time)
1961: Whistle Stop (Blue Note)
1961: Inta Somethin’ (Pacific Jazz)
1962: Matador (United Artists)
1963: Una Mas (Blue Note)
1963: Scandia Skies (SteepleChase)
1963: Short Story (SteepleChase)
1964: Trompeta Toccata (Blue Note)
As sideman
With Toshiko Akiyoshi

Toshiko at Top of the Gate (1968)
With Dave Bailey

Bash! (Jazzline, 1961) – reissued as Tommy Flanagan Trio And Sextet (Onyx/Xanadu, 1973) and under Dorham’s name as Osmosis (Black Lion, 1990)
With Andy Bey

Andy and the Bey Sisters (1959)
With The Birdland Stars

On Tour (2 volumes, RCA Victor 1956)
With Art Blakey

The Jazz Messengers at the Cafe Bohemia Volume 1 (1955)
The Jazz Messengers at the Cafe Bohemia Volume 2 (1955)
With Rocky Boyd

Ease It (1961; aka West 42nd Street)
With Tadd Dameron

Fontainebleau (1956)
With Lou Donaldson

Quartet/Quintet/Sextet (1954)
With Matthew Gee

Jazz by Gee (Riverside, 1956)
With Herb Geller

Fire in the West (Jubilee 1957, Josie 1962); That Geller Feller (Fresh Sound, 2003)
With Benny Golson

The Modern Touch (Riverside, 1957)
With Barry Harris

Bull’s Eye! (Prestige, 1968)
With Joe Henderson

Page One (1963)
Our Thing (1963)
In ‘n Out (1964)
With Ernie Henry

Presenting Ernie Henry (Riverside, 1956)
Last Chorus (Riverside, 1956–57)
With Andrew Hill

Point of Departure (1964)
With Milt Jackson

Roll ‘Em Bags (Savoy, 1949)
Invitation (1962)
With Clifford Jordan

Starting Time (Jazzland, 1961)
In the World (Strata-East, 1969 [1972])
With Harold Land

Eastward Ho! Harold Land in New York (Jazzland, 1960)
With Abbey Lincoln

That’s Him! (Riverside, 1957)
It’s Magic (1958)
Abbey Is Blue (1959)
With Jackie McLean

Vertigo (Blue Note, 1962)
With John Mehegan

Casual Affair (1959)
With Gil Mellé

Gil’s Guests (1956)
With Helen Merrill

You’ve Got a Date with the Blues (MetroJazz, 1959)
With Hank Mobley

Mobley’s 2nd Message (1956)
Curtain Call (Blue Note, 1957)
With Thelonious Monk

Genius of Modern Music: Volume 2 (Blue Note, 1952)
With Oliver Nelson

Meet Oliver Nelson (New Jazz, 1959)
Zodiac (1968)
With Cecil Payne

Patterns of Jazz (Savoy, 1956)
Zodiac (Strata-East, 1968 [1973])
With Oscar Pettiford

The Oscar Pettiford Orchestra in Hi-Fi Volume Two (ABC-Paramount, 1957)
With Max Roach

Max Roach + 4 (EmArcy, 1956)
Jazz in ¾ Time (EmArcy, 1957)
The Max Roach 4 Plays Charlie Parker (EmArcy, 1958)
MAX (Argo, 1958)
With Sonny Rollins

Moving Out (Prestige, 1954)
Rollins Plays for Bird (Prestige, 1956)
Sonny Boy (Prestige, 1956 [1961])
With A. K. Salim

Pretty for the People (Savoy, 1957)
With Horace Silver

Horace Silver and the Jazz Messengers (Blue Note, 1954)
With Cecil Taylor

Hard Driving Jazz (1958)
With Cedar Walton

Cedar! (Prestige, 1967)
With Randy Weston

Live at the Five Spot (United Artists, 1959)
With Barney Wilen

Barney (1959)
Un Temoin Dans La Ville (1959)
With Phil Woods

Pairing Off (1956)

Kenny Dorham / ケニー・ドーハムのビデオ・リスト



  ・Kenny Dorham Quartet – Lotus Blossom

Kenny Dorham / ケニー・ドーハムの生い立ちと活動


サイドマンの仕事の傍ら、ジャズ・プロフィッツを含む自身のグループを持つ。ジャズ・プロフィッツの演奏はブルー・ノートの1956年のアルバム”Round About Midnight at the Cafe Bohemia.”で聞くことができる。

1959年にプレスティッジから”Quiet Kenny”を発表。

1963年に26歳のテナー・サックス奏者ジョー・ヘンダーソンを加え、”Una Mas”を録音。両者は仲がよく、ヘンダーソンのアルバム”Our Thing”や”In’n’Out”等にドーハムが参加している。1960年代始めにブラジルに赴いた。1960年代に頻繁に録音しており、ブルーノートやプレスティッジで聞くことができる。リーダーとしての他、ヘンダーソン、ジャッキー・マクリーン、シダー・ウォルトン、ミルト・ジャクソンのサイドマンとしてみられる。